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    Raw material contract prices : NWECP (North West European Contract Price) August - Split settlement at 1280,00 € (1275-1285€ - decrease vs. July full settlement 1450€ of 170,00 €) - Methanol contract price Q3/2022 - 520,00 €/to - Decrease of 20,00 € vs. Q2/2022



    Oxxynova arose from a previous company, Dynamit Nobel AG, and is now Europe’s leading producer of DMT. The company name is derived from the most important sub-process of DMT production, the oxidation of paraxylene, and also represents the innovative character of our production and logistics processes.


    One of the main reasons for the success of our business model is the optimisation of the logistics processes for our raw materials, paraxylene and methanol, and for the DMT we produce from them. This also includes return transport of the methanol recovered from processes involving our DMT at our customers’ premises.


    The DMT (dimethyl terephthalate) produced using our in-house method has a particularly high degree of purity and a uniform quality. This guarantees that the products it is used in are also high quality.



    Oxxynova GmbH is based in Steyerberg, which is between Hanover and Bremen near to the district town of Nienburg/Weser. The plant is a major employer in the region.

    Liquid DMT has been produced here since 1977 to consistently high quality standards using the Witten-Katzschmann method – also known as the Dynamit Nobel method. From car seatbelts to tarpaulins, DMT (dimethyl terephthalate) is used to make all kinds of everyday items.



    1958 DMT production method is patented by E. Katzschmann
    1960 – 1980 DMT business is built up by Dynamit Nobel AG
    1968 – 1972 First and second DMT plants in Lülsdorf are completed
    1977 DMT plant in Steyerberg is completed
    1988 Acquired by Hüls AG
    1998 Degussa AG and Hüls AG merge to become Degussa-Hüls AG
    2001 Degussa-Hüls AG and SKW AG merge to become the new company Degussa AG

    Founding of Oxxynova GmbH & Co KG and insertion of the entire Degussa AG DMT business in the new corporation including the sites of Lülsdorf and Steyerberg
    Nov. 2006 Oxxynova is sold to a financial investor
    Dez. 2007 Production of liquid DMT is discontinued in Lülsdorf due to further market consolidation
    Jan. 2008 Oxxynova GmbH & Co. KG starts trading under the name Oxxynova GmbH
    Jan. 2009 Company headquarters relocate from Marl to Steyerberg
    Feb. 2011 Majority sale of Oxxynova GmbH to StS Equity Holding (UG)
    2013 Company re-enters the DMT-solid business to serve the European market
    2014 Launch and expansion of second area of business: Chemical industry 4.0 circular economy
    2015/2016 First module of a tank for the second business field is constructed
    Feb. 2016 New shareholder: Omega One Holding GmbH
    2016/2017 Old DMT plant in Lülsdorf dismantled
    2017 Significant expansion of the second area of Business

    Construction of a state-of-the art, large-volume DMT-solid production plant for DMT-solid in flake and briquette form with an annual production capacity of 25.000 tons



    Oxxynova is a medium-sized company operating in the basic chemicals industry. Our core product is dimethyl terephthalate (DMT), an important raw material for the European polyester industry. As Europe’s market leader in the production and sale of DMT, we feel we have a special responsibility to provide a continuous, reliable supply of DMT to our customers and to contribute to their success by providing top-quality products and services.

    Our actions are built on sustainable management at all levels and in all processes. Through innovation and continuous improvement, we strive to constantly elevate the efficiency of all our operations and production processes. We are guided by the principle of careful, economical usage of resources, a philosophy that drives us towards further innovations. The concept of sustainability has underpinned the gradual evolution of our current product range and our technical processes, acting both as a guiding principle for our corporate structure in its current form, and as the basis for expansion of our existing business activities. We aim to maintain our leading position in the DMT market and help our customers to optimise their efficiency with our circular processes and innovative service concepts.

    We want to be a reliable, conscientious and dynamically innovative partner to all and work to ensure the success and satisfaction of our various stakeholders. We are very conscious of our position as a medium-sized company. Based on this, we are able to offer flexible and lean structures without the need for compromise, as well as efficient processes. In a particularly rural region, we recognise that we have a particular responsibility towards society.